Bare with me folks, and a Football Rant.

Bare with me folks I, am progressing. It has been so many months without ever touching my computer I feel like I am learning the computer all over again. However, those of you who know me, I would truly like to take a moment to hammer the NFL.  The low life Roger Goodell,  who stated that those of us protesting the players for not standing for our flag and the national anthem, Old Roger said,  we are racists!  It is my hope the league folds as there are very few men in the game that are decent men worthy of being called a roll model.  Seriously the NFL can kiss my white ass goodbye!  I sold every bit of my niner gear and I will never watch another NFL game again!



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  1. Ah, but Roger has finally come around…apparently when money talks, sponsors walk, and the stadiums are half empty (and the NFL has fallen to the least favorite of professional and college major sports), he FINALLY gets the message…too little too late in my book, but hey…at least he came around.

  2. BTW Thanks for the welcome back my friend

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