an unexpected journey, this Basharr and my hope is some of you remember me?




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  1. Remember you? I’ve been wondering where you’ve been!

    • This is Irene his wife, I am going to have to type this out for him as his brain is not working quite right for him! We will explain it all for you so now I will type out what he says:

      Glad to hear from you! I have been on somewhat of an unexpected journey which included losing a leg, getting a massive brain infection, and pretty much turning my world upside down. I now have a prosthetic as I lost the left leg below the knee. Other then that I am fairing pretty well trying to get used to a lot of changes. But it is good to touch base with you again! I am getting the Dragon program to try to talk on the computer so I can blog again! One of my issues with the bairn is they believe I now have some sort of dementia, some days I sit here and just type out gibberish, other days I get out a good sentence like the one you replied to! I can still speak well and remember a lot, but not remember a lot as well! Other then that I am still alive and working on figuring out how to do my blog again! Good to hear from you though and I look forward to getting back on my blog!

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