Trumps Wire tap claims being questionedbut the leaks border on treason.

I for one am not questioning the possibility and I state this because Trumps white house has more leaks than the Titanic and who is the one person,dead set against Trumps agenda?Obama! Now I know others are against the agenda but Obama is among the few who could actually do what President Trump thinks happened. I stand with my President What is really pissing me off is However I people want to attack the President, have him removed from office and yet not a single one of these people seem concerned that we have a  level of leaks coming out of the white house that borders on treason. My belief is the leaks are a product of people loyal to Obama who are leaking information and so frequently one might believe the white house has been wiretapped Look at how blatant the leakers are because they are still in business  for over 50 days and honestly where isWhen the white house the outrage? Christ the rate of leaks would make me feel like my office was bugged Man we are talking about criminal activity when a president has no privacy and apparently cannot trust those tasked with working for him.


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