I honestly don’t care what Obama says about the possible wiretapping of trump towers.

Look , Trump has some major leaks going on  and if you ask me the quickness Obama showed in trying to lable it another watergate is suspect to me.And not for a minute do I believewiretapped his own building if there is actual wiretapping going on.I believe Trump took too long to get rid of most of the Obama holdovers. I have to say it here Obama is johnny on the spot here and making his presence known but most of that is as I have stated Obama has mental issues He is unable to return to life as it was before he was elected He still believes he holds some form of power and he is unwilling to let go of his presidency and go back to being a political hack that dreams of socialism. We really have no need for Obama anymore and this obviously bothers Obama.Obama could very well be behind Trumps leak problems because Obama has many surrorogates who would be quite willing to screw Trump over with the quickness of a simple nod.But hat pisses me off is somebody is doing all they can to to make sure our president does not succeed which means they don,t want America to succeed


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