Obama responds to Trump claim he ordered Trump Tower wiretapped

Now Obama is denying he had anything to do with possible wiretapping of Trump towers but to tap quickly some place like Trump towers would not take much time. As many of you know I am in a constant battle to I have some security cameras to keep my home and my neighborhood drug free I emlpoytwo types of security cameras and the range on them is amazing to be honest and they pick up sound quite well in fact right now I can hear a conversation that is taking placethat is taking place about 300 feet away and a decent pinhole camera would be all that is needed as it is small and if one chose to use it for audio only it would only be detected if somebody had a way to sweep the area for electronic devises. Honestly it Would take about 30 seconds to plant a mic .I see obama as the first one here  making noise and consideringthat Obama is doing all he can to bring Trumps presidency down I would not put it past Obama as he really seems to be unable to let go  and rejoin  his wife and the life they had been building together What I am saying is Obama could have had this done and nobody would have been the wiser.You can buy a hidden mic at juat about any place that sells decent tech.Keep in mind the first thing Obama said was this was Trumps Nixon Watergate Ex presidents need to move on especially if their goal is to muck up the progress we need in America.



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  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Very possible.

    • Thanks for the reblog and honestly I think Trump should seek a restraining order against Obama his plans are to do nothing but muck up Trumps plans on fixing America. I cannot remember a more classless ex president but I guess the constant need to derail Trump might hint at some mental issues and Obama being unable to retake the life he had before he drove our nation into the poor house. We no know Obama used tax payer funds illegally to prop up Obamacare which was a clear violation of the law

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