Democrats plan is to troll President Trump during his upcoming speech to congress.

So this is how they plan to regain power by acting as infantile as humanly possible?Honestly I am embarrassed for the democrats and I firmly believe the new leadership of the DNC is surely out of touch if they think Trolling our president is going to earn them any seats and or respect. Look the Democrats got destroyed by President Trump Kellyann Conway said today Trump is here for eight years and honestly I agree because the left is lost  and that reality is because they knowingly and willingly ran A candidate under FBI investigation, a candidate that left Americans to die in Benghazi ran an extremely flawed candidate. I could go on but my point here is enjoy the show as we watch yet another episode of “Just how Stupid can you be?”Tom Perez cannot right a ship that has already sunk! Tom perez is almost unherd of and thats because he lacks appeal


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