I had an interesting conversation with my neighbors parole officer.

My neighbor deals drugs and on top of that he is on parole for gun crimes. he is constantly  abscounding which means he is in violation of the terms of his parole and to top it off he sells drugs But our governor has what he calls a catch and release program in play which means the man can do whatever he wants. He gets arrested and within two hours he is back on the streets Normally when someone abscounds they get violated and go back to prison for 90 days but Jerry Brown flaunts the law and because the state is strapped for cash he allowS convicted felons to do as they please.I asked my neighbors parole officer why he is constantly releasing my neighbor and he said it is the governors program and the reality is it costs the state money to violate them and process them So in reality our governor is not upholding the law  because he has to deal with a state that is broke so due to bad management we Californians live at risk because Jerry governs like a drunken sailor yet he is trying to build a high speed rail that nobody in the state wants.



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  1. I would have hit the “like” button, but really, who can like something Governor Moonbeam does? I’m terribly sorry to hear that you live in the land of fruits and nuts Basharr! Maybe you’d like to move over here to the desert??? At least we’re run by the right party (in more ways than one!)

  2. My wife used to live in the CA desert she said her problem is snakes and spiders,lol Who ever thought a moon beam would cause so much trouble I justdo not understand how a man in power chooses to let criminals run freely at will?when his inaction will at somepoint cost lives

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