Receiving an honorary Cesar, George Clooney said that “the actions of this president have caused alarm and dismay amongst our allies and given considerable comfort to our enemies.”

Hey Clooney How about you show the president some respect period President Trump has not given comfort to our enemies rather he has put them on notice WE THE PEOPLE HAVE OUR NATION BACK! go pound sand George Trump is doing what he said he would and it pisses you Hollywood types off. President trump did not drive this nation into debt like that fraud Obama did. I know that does not matter to you because you have plenty of cash but Americans are hurting and what do you do? Attack the man doing all he can to make sure America remains the greatest nation the world has ever known. Gone are the days of allowing killers and drug dealers to trespass on our sovereign ground like Obama allowed. And as an after thought the next time you speak of our President do so by his title, it is called respect I remember you chastizing a reporter for not addressing obama as president Obama you hypocrite.


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