Undocumented immigrant drunk driver kills father of two

I have had it why are democrats fighting deportations?Why are democrats against keeping our people safe? Our president is right illegals should be deported American lives are at risk yet the democrats do not care but I bet the wife of this man cares why it was allowed to happen I say let the Democrats explain to these fatherless children why Daddy is dead.It is a simple answer nobody on the left has the balls to admit they are unwilling to keep our borders secured so this way illegals sneak into this country and often end up killing Americans President Trump is rightIllegals need to be rounded up and sent back to their own country we do not want them here!



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  1. Thank you Nancy for the reblog it is very much appreciated I understand the democrats relyon promises they cannot keep as a way to make the illegal population feel they are being served but the reality is Illegals have no rights in our countryand that my friend is why we have laws that must be upheld. Illegals are the cause of many deaths over the years and the democrats do not want to bring an end to this problem.

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