Remember when , at the end of his term in office he left for good to go on and regain his life prior to becoming President?

Well folks Obama has no plans to ride off into the sunset and resume his prior life in fact his plans are to remain in politics, but the problem I have with that is he and some of his ex employees are doing all they can to weaken the Trump administration with leaks and a crap load of other underhanded actions that are designed to make our presidents job harder. Look I have never seen such a petty ex president and in fact some of what he has done could border on illegalities He sent millions to the enemies of Israel which means at some point The Palestinians will use the money that could not be recovered to attempt to harm our allies. Obama has put us at risk and thinks nothing of it but worse yet he did it knowingly to undercut and damage our relationship with Israel.When an ex president’s actions undercut the sitting presidents agenda we have what could be seen as an enemy of the state. Which leads me to thing that what we are seeing from Obama is an open attempt to harm all of America Obama needs to step off and regain the life he had and stop this effort to bring failure to the Trump Presidency. He is gaining access to information that he has no business knowing as he is no longer our President.I am disgusted with Obama. He is acting like an ass and he and his wife are showing the world how classless they truly are. Yesterday I saw an image of the Obamas where they had a red white and blue hijib and a second image of Michelle laughing flashing what looked like a gang sign Look he had eight years in office and divided our nation. Now President Trump has to deal with the mess left by Obama. There is a stark difference between Obama and President Trump And through thick and thin I will support my president because that is what an American does!Trump is trying to uphold the promises He made to America, and Obama is doing all he canto make it hard for President Trump to get his work done.The the strange thing is Obama when he first entered office supported almost the exact agenda Trump is working on . Thanks for reading America is in better hands than it has been over the last eight years



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  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Well, here’s what we know as fact:
    (A) It is unknown if clemency was given to the previous president to cover any “oversights” while he was president.
    (B) Secret Service protection due to previous president’s occupation.
    (C) Previous president, if reports are true, does not have carte blanche, nor license to commit criminal acts.

    The current president would need to seek prosecution if, reports are substantiated. Only the FBI and NSA, know for sure.

  2. Thanks for the re blog and as well the food for thought. It angers me to see a smug ex president doing all he can to derail our presidents agenda

    • Thanks for the reblog you present food for thought but I believe much of it is due to Obama hold overseither way it is unethical and without a doubt suspect. As a man who Voted for our president I take it personal if I believe an ex idiot president thinks it is Okayto disrupt what Trump is trying to do

  3. Don’t be surprised at Bobo’s actions, Basharr! You have to remember…he screwed up the country royally trying to bring us “transformational change”, and he failed at everything he did. Now, he’s seeing Donald Trump tear apart everything he tried to accomplish in such a short time that there isn’t going to be anything left of his presidency but an asterisk with the comment “first black president” beside his name. I guess if I were in that position, I’d be a little pissed too!

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