Trump: ‘I didn’t come along and divide this country’

Our President is correct, Obama and the democrats divided this nation happily but they never counted on Trump winning the white-house so now they have been caught with their pants down and there is no way back for the party that willingly sold out the American people. Anybody with half a brain knows how long the democrats have been sewing the seeds of hate.It is time for the left to atone for their disregard of the American people and standing by while Obama drove this nation into the deepest debt it has ever known Honestly there should not be a single democrat still holding a seat in our congress and senate



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  1. What the snowflakes have failed to realize that for every action, there is a consequence and they are about ready to pay the piper for the past eight years!

  2. Thanks for the input and I completely agree the snowflakes are in serious trouble with the people they were hired to serve and instead they chose to sell you and I and America out!

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