New York assembly passes ‘sanctuary state’ bill Feb. 07, 2017 – 1:32 – Eric Shawn reports from New York City

You know it is amazing to see so many people willing to put others at risk Illegals,not all but too many come to America and often destroy lives and it is always the bleeding heart liberals that allow this and look the other way when people are harmed. Maybe we should wall upnew york? how about we fence in all these idiots that believe sanctuary states and cities are a good thing. They are not and they cost tax payers billions annually and they also cost lives that can never be replaced common sense needs to be put in play here and don’t look for it in New York or California because they are already drinking the koolaide in those states.Anybody remember the night stalker He was a serial killer and an illegal alien as well



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  1. Thanks for the reblog it amazesme that these sanctuary supporters care littlefor the danger they embrace. but embrace it they do.

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