Why would anybody join the Secret service if they won’t take a bullet for our president?

Look I am just a citizen and without a doubt I would take a bullet for my President, so I don’t understand why anyone would join the detail ?seems idiotic if you ask me refuse to put our President first I mean thats the job Right?



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  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Primary role of the US Secret Service, which is a part of the US Treasury Department, is currency crimes, such as counterfeiting. Within the USSS, there is the Presidential Unit, and is more prestigious, possibly a little more overtime involved. When the agents are hired, they work investigations involving currency.

  2. Thanks for the reblog and the information it is always interesting to learnhow they come to be the presidents protectors

  3. Yup…you’re right. But to try and succinctly answer your question, some would do it for the fame of being around the president. Others for the money. Still others for the pension. Think of it…travel, money, fame and glory? Who wouldn’t want it…oh, yeah…you could get shot!

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