Milo: Media legitimizes violence on conservatives it is not like I did not see this coming!

The reality is the media has gone rogue and at this point and honestly I would truly enjoy beating the living crap out of any member of the media because the media as we know it has become nothing but an unamerican steaming pile of crap. They do all they can to stir the pot and it is just a matter of time before they get people killed Message to the media Trump is not going anywhere and most of you pukes should be looking for another line of work. Look I do not take shit from anybody (pardon my french) but what I do know is Americans are wise to you and we know the games you play and it is going to bite you in the ass big time we are at a point where conservatives may become targets because of how the media has dealt with the election of Donald J. Trump The media spreads hate and stirs things up to start trouble for too long the media has been allowed to do as they please but our shiny new president has served notice and we have a bunch of butt hurt idiots that. refuse to do the right but they are unwilling to do the right thing and have chosen to embrace the chaos at some point it will become worse and at some point things will go really wrong…


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