I caught a clip of Chuck Schumer crying today

Chuck, why the tears? it is a little late for theatrics Honestly whats the real problem? How long have you lefties placed illegals ahead of the American people?Mr. Schumer makes me feel like the American people are supposed to take a back seat to people who could come here to do us harm. Look at how thankful refugees have been in other host countries hell they have raped and assaulted people and yet Ole Chuck is willing to turn a blind eye to that horror.Sorry folks but the left has some twisted views on what is acceptable . We are not required to accept refugees, and honestly until they are vetted and proven to be no threat I don’t want them in my country, Plain and simple and I do not care who I piss off in the process. The problem as I see it is the left leaning side of congress is more than willing to put you and I at risk without even asking us if we mind Actually they could care less Chuck we have been targeted enough



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  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Schumer’s nickname on NYC streets is, “The Eel”.

  2. makes sense he is a slime ball Again the left has chosen Muslims over over the people they are supposed to serve.

  3. I most certainly will stand right beside you on this one Basharr! Great post!

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