John lewis is out of line


Before JohnTriesto. deligitimise Trumps land slide victory perhaps he should remember a time when he willingly chose to support man for president that offered no birth certificate had his college records sealedand never batted an eye at these facts Yes I speak of soon to be ex president Obama. Where were you Mr. Lewis for if there ever were circumstances that would delegitimize a president I would say zero vetting Zero documentation of his place of birth and sealed records yet Mr. Lewis had no concerns about any of the strange state of Obama’s documentation No Mr. Lewis never gave it a second thoughtSo Mr. Lewis you had a chance eight years ago to lodge a complaint but you chose to push the man through and you embraced him as President Donald J. Trump is the President elect and your objections will get you nowhere and in fact show you for the partisan hack that you have become after what I would say is far too many yearsof feeding yourself on the tax payers dime. Remember John Obama was a mystery and you never raised a single concern You John have chosen too many times to look the other way too many times and by doing so you have dealt a blow to your credibility. Trump’selection is a direct result of the American peoples inability to stomach any more of the liberal double standard We have had enough, you tried to protect Hillary and you failed to bring Justice back to the forefront in this country. Every time you have had the chance you have failed by exposing us all to partisan politics instead of doing what is right and just. If you cannot bring honesty then you are nothing but a distraction and the exact reason we the people need term limits on congress and the senate as well.



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    • thank you for the reblog It looks to me like John lewis cannot do the job he was elected to do I am quite sure if it meant he would lose his seat he would find a way to agree with most sane people that Trump is legit

    • Thanks for the reblog this whining from the left needs to come to an end. I never liked nor wanted Obama in the whitehouse and I damnwelldid not sit around and cry about it maybe next time the left will work harder and as well not run a candidate with so much bagage Crap if you want to win the white house you run somebody that has far less scandal in their past and present

      • You’re welcome. NO matter who is selected as candidate, there will probably be something, that someone can direct negative attention to. Classic example of Jesus saying, “Let him without sin cast the first stone”. Problem is, of all the people in politics, only the worst of the worst have been selected for about the past two decades. Until America looked outside of the usual political circles.

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