Obama not welcome

Jeffrey Slavin, the mayor of the Maryland town of Somerset and a legacy member at Woodmont, sent an email this week to Forman – and copied fellow Woodmont members and local Jewish leaders outside the club – in which he threatened to organize a mass membership cancellation campaign if the president were not welcomed at the club.

“This has gone way beyond the club now and this makes the Jewish community look bad,” Slavin told FoxNews.com. “The club needs to reach out to the president and say ‘if you want to apply for membership we’ll certainly accept you.’”

Woodmont was founded in 1913 at a time when Jews faced widespread discrimination in applying to country clubs in the D.C.-area. Since then, the club has grown to 460 acres and offers its members an opportunity to play golf and tennis as well as socialize just outside the Washington Beltway. The club has an $80,000 membership initiation fee and members pay $9,600 in annual dues.

“Woodmont was a place you could go when you weren’t welcome anywhere else,” Slavin said. “There are so many ironies here.” Not that it is going to hurt his feelings but I am glad people are willing to take a stand Iam glad the boy king is going to face some consequence have to face some consequence because what he did to Israel was wrong and not how we treat our allies here and abroad


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