Get in line folks we appear to have a bunch of idiots who believe it is their job to destroy a Trump presidency

Charlie sheen Rosie Odonnell and others are trying their hardest to make sure Trump is denied the office that he won But people need to remember these idiots are not well meaning Americans they are people who want to grind an ax, none of them have the slightest idea what type of president Trump will be and I for one am enjoying seeing Donald Trump show his willingness to throw political correctness under the bus. Under Obama America has gone soft and that will not do! Obama lacked the ability to understand America is about greatness in the face of adversity, we do not take a knee, and from what Trump has shown us so far neither does he!Rosie do us a solid and uphold your promise to to move to Canada. Take Charlie with you neither of you will be missed as neither of you offer much to the American way of life and what you do offer is often loaded with negativeBull Crap Americans want their way of life back and you pukes are standing in the way of righting the ship.



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  1. Man I would love to see everybody that said they would leave the country if Trump was elected forced to make good on their promise…LOL

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