the Democrats Are unwilling to listen to what most Americans want!

They got their butts handed to them in this election and in my opinion they are going to suffer the same fate again because they are more concerned about smearing people rather than working on the things that will bring jobs and security to all Americans. Chuck Schumer is acting like an idiot as the President elect Donald Trump is working to fill his cabinet Schumer is playing games and wasting time that could be spent figuring out ways to work together. Americans do not want a divided partisan government,They want these overpaid elected politicians to do the job they were hired to do. A note to Chuck, next time a flight attendant asks you to turn the cell phone off, , please comply without calling her a bitch We Americans are tired of you folks believing you are superior to us, in fact you work for us. Get back to doing the work people expect from you all. I want a government that works for all Americans! and not a Government full of partisan hacks looking for any chsnce to screw our new president over the first chance they get!Chuck,If you cannot work with Donald Trump then please by all means seek another line of work ! You have been feeding off us tax payers for far to long. please note though you have earned it I have not called you a bitch! Rest assured If I feel the conservatives fail to uphold their promise to Americans I will be more than happy to let them know they are slacking Remember Chuck We The People expect you to earn your pay and right now you are wasting our time and our money!


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  1. Thanks for the reblog I cannot believe the dems appear to have learned nothing considering how badly it went for the Dems and they look like nothing was learned

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