Though he hinted at it strongly Obama was denied a third term by the 22nd amendment.

I would like to say we as a nation  we dodged a bullet but in reality I think that even the democrats are tired of Obama at this point and I know without a doubt Conservatives are quite ready to see Obama take his final act as an outgoing divider and chief he did more harm than good to America and honestly in his final days he is showing the world that those that voted him in are seeing first hand how important the 22nd amendment truly is. Remember the candidate nobody bothered to vet? Look at the debt, the division the disdain for the greatness of America and the complete lack of class he has shown now that Trump has kicked serious ass and sent Hillary packing. But we cannot rest yet because Obama is doing all he can to screw Trump and his team over but I have a feeling his legacy will look nothing like he hoped it would. Time will tell my friends and I am betting Trump shines and Obama fades.



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  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Should BHO defy and attempt to remain, which I highly doubt, he would then be subject to arrest, and removal.
    Considering the seriousness of the office of the president, BHO could then be denied bail and remanded. He will leave. It’s all, hot air.

  2. Yes thanks for the reblog, it is a lot of hot air as you say,I honestly think he was seeking an altercation with Putin but not one of great substance because at the end of the Day Obama avoids all but the unavoidable have a great night

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