A message to bill Clinton

Dig deep, deeper than you ever have and find a little class. I know you were banking on your wife to give you yet another term but guess what, she lost big time but the nation gained big time as well because you will not get another chance to be president Yes I know that was your goal to become the unofficial president because frankly Your wife can barely lead herself out of the bathroom let alone lead a country But I am happy to tell you your day has come and gone If Hillary had one without a doubt she would have ended up being impeached because face it she has no Idea how to treat people and she believes they should bow at her feet. She cannot for the life of her do the right thing, in fact she is as twisted as they come and she should be in the nuthouse not the white house What kind of human being calls the parents of murdered soldiers a liar? What was going on in her mind to attack Trump supporters and call them deplorables do you see the irony here?Christ common sense says if you want people to vote for you,don’t call them names and you damn sure stay the hell out of scandals which is something dear Hillary is drawn to like a moth to a flame So instead of attacking Trump for kicking the living crap out of your wife Do the right thing and grow a set,Man the hell up do whatever but show a little class How many times do we the people need to send a message to Hillary that we don’t want her or you ever in the white house again


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