Celebrities trying to steal the outcome of our presidential election

The American people have spoken, Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the united states of America! However Hollywood and other celebrities would like to see the electors fail to uphold their task and honestly, I have a message for these turncoat celebrities I put up with eight years of a divider in the white house A president that drove our nation into the deepest debt this nation has ever known a president that presided. over horrible unemployment numbers A president than cannot even bring himself to call a terrorist a terrorist How was this man supposed to protect our nation when he was from the start unwilling to treat a threat as an actual danger No he mocked the threat Mr. Know it all and found himself in far far over his head. Celebrities loved Obama  because Obama loved the spotlight and all the liberal quirks because Barry sees himself as a celebrity so he is right at home Hob Knobbing with actors and celebrities but at what point if ever did fearless leader put America first? So now his celebrity pals want to coax the electors into dissing you and I and the person that won the election.Hey HOLLYWOOD We make you what you are We decide if you make it or not and if you think Americans that voted directly for real change are going to stand by and continue to stroke your fragile egos I would urge you all to think again Quit Dicking with our country. Trump won and by god that,s what America wanted!Go back to your lives of perversion and twisted thoughts because We the people have spoken!



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