LIZ PEEK: Sore loser Obama turns to Russian hacking to delegitimize Trump’s triumph

For a man that got to keep the white house for eight years Obama is truly showing how little class he has Our current president should zip his lips because that is the classy thing to do  Look Trump won and not by a slim margin but in a blowout What did he expect? the Dems were running a socialist and a pathological liar tied to more murders than most of  your local good fellas. Seriously the belief that Hillary or Bernie would come away with the prize was a damn pipe dream! When Obama won his first term I had hopes he would do well but it soon became evident he was more interested in dividing the nation I have always hoped that a new president would do right by America Every presidential election for me is about hope for we the people When I see the hope is absent I take it as a sign that it is time to put someones feet to the fire. You know Obama is having a melt down over Trump and his win Obama with the help of Harry Reid drove our nation into huge debt and he is still spending as i write this post Obama never gave America a chance because the  the Dems did not care what America needed but now those same Dems are the ones crying and that suits me fine. Hillary was denied in a big way and so was Obama because Hillary was Obama’s hope and now thankfully that hope is gone and we will soon shut the door on the worst President America has ever had to endure(my opinion of course!)



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  1. Until Obama was elected I had always had hope for a news president.
    I knew from the get go Obama was not going to help America grow .

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