Washington Post columnist: Trump voters are ‘angry whites

You know, I have not polled anybody on the validity of this woman’s claim but honestly yes people are angry and yes some of those people are white but what this woman tosses out is somewhat of a blanket statement I have a feeling she seeks to touch on a nerve that for me at least is something that could speak to every presidential election Now I agree where I and my vote are concerned, hell yes I am mad and angry and this outcome we received on election night represents how I feel about the last eight years and a president who had the nerve to feel he needed to apologize for America and he was able to maintain Democrat support even though he openly sought to shame America and from that day forward he was tainted in my eyes. Never can I remember an American president so determined to seek out what he feels is wrong in with America which I can on some level understand, but to shame America, well it started the clock ticking every day that passed brought to me personally hope in knowing Obama’s time was another day closer to its end and rest easy as I say these words the end I was seeking was Obama’s final day in office which even though it is so close it still cannot get here quick enough! Obama in my mind is the exact reason so many people are angry as this man cannot seem to put America first he mocked America and yes it pissed me off that an American president would mock the greatness of America and what this country stands for. Now what made me mad is Democrats did all they could to enable this president yet they have tipped their hand and most assuredly have no plans to make Trumps presidency easy You see yes I am white and yes I am still angry Because the democrats  are more worried about screwing Trump over than they are about righting America and restoring the American dream! Sadly nobody holding office on the left is taking steps to address the needs of America theyjust keep electing the same partisan hacks assuring America stagnates until they get the chance to screw America up even worse We as a nation need to reach a common ground and if that can be achieved America can then take a victory lap. Trumps election was a clear sign the Democrats have over played their hand We need to assure that we can seek and maintain a balance that is once again by and for the people.



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  1. Thank youfor the reblog have a great night

  2. Once again, a very concise and apt treatment of what really happened. I too get disgusted when Dems and liberal media types want to typify my as some “racist, angry, white, homophobe male”. They have two of their descriptions correct. I’m white, and I’m a male. But they are wrong overall because they need someone else to blame. THEY aren’t the problem here…they CAN’T be the problem! So they have to find someone else, and they soothe their battered egos by having to call the people the elected Trump racists, and homophobes. You know what I say? Let ’em. That’s THEIR problem. If they can’t honestly look at why they got beat, they deserve to lose again and again and again!

    • Thank you for the post I appreciate your words and I agree with you the dems need to lose again and again until they understand the nation is what matters most They are doing all they can to destroy the wayof life you and I were raised to respect. Have a great day my friend.

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