STILL FEELING BITTER: Team Clinton blames loss on racism, Comey in fiery confrontation with Trump staff.


Honestly, it was over for Clinton when she attacked Americans voting for Trump Look the people sent a message that was loud and clear America chose to deny Hillary Clinton and honestly my hope is that denial was because they believed she was not owed anything. Hillary and her husband are bottom feeders and liars,They are bad people that expect to be treated like royalty We the people owe them nothing and for Hillary to act like we do shows just how out of touch she actually is She is in denial and has to blame her loss on anybody she can besides herself.This is typical Hillary and we are seeing now what a horrid  leader she would have been. America got this election right and the Democrats are now showing they cannot stomach defeat nor a fair election. They did all they could to stack the deck against Trump, they were completely underhanded in their tactics and The Trump machine just slaughtered them like roadkill on a busy interstate! Suck it up Hillary , you got your ass handed to you big time! Sadly there is talk she is already planning another run


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