Hillary Clinton has never cared for America aside from what she could get from it

Her role in American politics was largely about doing little but maintaining a title and over time she found a way to become rich ethical? doubtful and honestly she campaigned very much against America not just against Trump as she sought to exploit the BLM movement to wind up with the black vote which did not happen to land on her side She lost big and that loss was America serving notice,Americans. also wanted the swamp drained When Obama took office in his first election Nancy Pelosi became speaker of the house and she promised then she was going to drain the swamp and honestly if the swamp is ever to be drained it might only happen because Trump won this election and trump is not your run of the mill politician! in fact I would not call him a politician at all the man himself is a juggernaut and while America watched he said over and over they were winning big, he made Obama look like the lame duck that he is and yet he was able to be presidential and even now after Trump has said he will not prosecute Hillary  she pokes at him with this recount crap believing a three state recount is going to overturn the election results?No of course not she knows she lost far beyond the margins that she would need in order to truly come away a winner in this recount,folks this recount is a sideshow that is more about Stein and Hillary true to form likely smells a chance to make some cash because that is all Hillary does is seek ways to get richer I am glad to see Trump is not breaking stride and is continuing on with the business America needs him to do and thatis all about building the best administration he possibly can. Signing off but never tapping out. God bless this great nation!


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