Clinton team joins Stein’s three-state vote recount that begins in Wisconsin

Hillary conceded, She lost and obviously she lacks the class to allow this country to move forward she deserved to lose and a recount in three states will only show Americans once again what a loser she truly is. She lacks the class and honestly this recount crap is pathetic and shows that even in a fair election she cannot accept the results of an honest election! But honestly all all she is doing is showing us what a fool she is,as she did not come close to beating Trump I hope the cost of the recount is split between stein and Hillary. Nothing would make me happier than to know she had to foot the bill for the recount. Man how little class Hillary has after conceding she is just a stain on America that cannot go away soon enough. Get a clue woman you lost big time and nothing is going to change the fact Americans soundly decided to deny you and send you into retirement like an old nag! I hope Trump has her prosecuted even in defeat she cannot muster an ounce of class!


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