HOW RIGHT WILL HIGH COURT GO? Trump mulls pick, may cement conservative majority for generation

Is a generation long enough?It is my belief that the founding fathers, were they here today would look at the PC crap fostered by the left and say America was not ready to be on their own,but that is only a glance at one party and what they appear to have become, I don’t always agree with the GOP but they are by far in my opinion closer to the point the founding fathers would have approved of and possibly embraced whole heartedly.I think the time was right for Trump and though I think he is doing well in his picks he is proving to be a lot less vindictive than I would be, LOL, Romney for instance would not get the time of day out of me after all the crap he said and did trying to stop Trump,his ambassador pick for instance Haley No go when you tell the world Trump is the type of person you raise your kids not to be.But hey that is unfortunately the nature of politics and as stated trump is far less vindictive than I Well it is Trumps job to do all he can to bring¬†America back from eight years of what I would term unpatriotic leadership if not lawless, President Obama sold this country a bill of goods and look at our debt it is almost criminal that he has driven our debt through the ceiling and because of that our nation has suffered his presidency Happy thanksgiving our bird is in the oven enjoy a wonderful meal and god bless you all!


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