Donald J. Trump Is showing America andthe world the he is not a vindictive person

What he is showing us is that he can turn the other cheek He is considering roles for Romney in his administration which for the nastiness that Romney directed at him is a sign of class that he is considering Romney as a fit to his team allows us a glimpse at the real man who is to be our next President He is also considering the addition of Ted Cruz to his team.And this comes on the tails of the reality that trumps wife is being dissed by the white house fashion designer who is refusing to deal with the next first lady. Now honestly I think it is great that Melania will be giving somebody new a chance to make their name and I hope they shine big time. I am quite disgusted at liberals and their need for drama that seems to be ever present They cannot even bring themselves to be patriotic enough to treat the office of the president with the respect it demands It is strange they have demonized Trump and his family and we have been treated a man in Donald J. Trump that is being quite presidential to say the least and I might add that he is showing more class than any of the crybabies out there Liberals have sure spread their seeds of hate regarding the Trumps it is pretty damn disgusting to see so many weak and inferior people thinking their actions are warranted and acceptable



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