Liberals and their push to allow you the right to destroy your life

There is a serious problem at our southern border it is called DRUGS They are smuggled in from Mexico and all too often find their way into our neighborhoods and often we that these drugs especially Marijuana is looked at by are law makers as an acceptable drug, in fact here in California it was just legalized for recreational use. marijuana is a gateway drug I can attest to that and honestly we see the state of Ca planning on getting rich off of we the people Well they will not make a dime off of me But I know certain family members like my youngest daughter will be quite happy over this. I am pissed off that Ca law makers believe legalizing marijuana was a good idea but then liberals are not known for their sound judgement. This legalization will become nothing but a problem, in my county they allowed people to grow medical marijuana and they had to shut down the medical marijuana grows because people came from everywhere to take advantage of it and we were starting to find grows everywhere and large destruction of our county lands there was raw sewage and garbage strewn across what were once pristine lands. So they shut down medical grows and decided to make marijuana legal in Ca. We have no recourse even though our county voted against it because the state voted for it, but this is how liberals think they don’t care if you throw your life away smoking pot because they are going to tax it and charge people out the ass for the right to throw their lives away.Signing off but never tapping out God bless America and I hope President Trump upholds federal laws


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