One officer killed and three others wounded since Friday!

Honestly I am sick and tired of seeing police under fire in this nation and I truly feel That the Obama admin did not make police a priority in fact often the Obama admin was at odds with police and all too often we had to watch as Obama allowed Al Sharpton to poison the minds of the people thus making it harder to to bring a situation under control. It is my hope that the attacks on police will grow fewer and farther between incidents under Trump. Obama made it harder for police to do their jobs because he was always interjecting himself into situations that caught the national spotlight but did very little to defuse these situations. Honestly I cannot recall a time in this nation where police have become targets so frequently it is disgusting and sadly it continues to happen I hope President Trump makes police aware that he has their backs and he does not play politics over the need to have the police in this nation supported 100% of the time Under Obama being a police officer was at times a thankless job We need our police officers To be as safe as possible but what is even more important is that law enforcement feels like they are respected and not being dismissed. From day one Obama seemed to be at odds with law enforcement,I hope we do not see that from Trumps Presidency, but to be honest I believe Trump has more respect for law enforcement than Obama ever did.



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