It is time that the people of this great nation Had a sense of security about protecting our borders

We need to beef up border security and get back to making border security a priority in this nation Obama and his policies regarding our borders cost us as illegals were allowed to flood into this nation pretty much at will. We are a sovereign nation and thus we need secure borders. We need to see from the Trump presidency a commitment  that allows our border patrol to do its job, Obama played games and put Americans at risk for eight years Illegal immigration has cost us and there is no excuse not to have secure borders  nor is there an excuse why we should not do away with sanctuary cities. Gone should be the days where illegals got a free pass when coming here illegally. I want to see the wall built and I want America to serve notice that Obama’s revolving door is no longer in play in America Americans deserve secure borders and have the right to deny entry into this nation to people coming here illegally We as a nation should not have to stand by while  a farce of a president stacks the deck against Americans and allows in thousands and thousands of illegals who do not have a right to be here  Mexico is very tough on people who enter Mexico illegally and we should adopt that same toughness in an effort  to put an end to illegal immigration. Liberal priorities have cost at our border and honestly we need to lock our borders down ! Signing off but never tapping out God bless America!



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  1. As someone that lives in a border state with Mexico, I couldn’t agree with you more! EXCELLENT post!!!

  2. Thank you I appreciate your taking the time to read my post.

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