Cher and her willingness to crap on the memory of Sonny

I watched Cher yesterday talking long crap about Trump and honestly she is doubting the political process in this country and she thinks Trumps election is the end of the world. Sonny Bono was a great fan of our political system so much so he ran and became mayor of palm springs then he also ran and became a member of congress I honestly do not remember Sonny ever talking badly about any president I believe Cher needs to take a break and quit listening to the liberal bull crap being spewed from just about every liberal mouth in the nation. Cher lives a life of privilege which includes plenty of perks, Maybe she needs to understand the democrats have had their boot on the throat of America for so long that it was choking the life out of this nation. Cher loves Cher and her comforts but god forbid you and I get an opportunity to thrive as well. Get a clue woman  you and your pals have been a huge part of the problem in this nation and now you are angry because We the People have finally been heard!



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  1. Hmm….wasn’t she supposed to be leaving the US if Trump got elected? I wonder when THAT is going to happen! Or is he like all the other liberals…all talk and no action?

    • Hollow promises nothing more So funny to see these claims and promises to leave and even funnier Like Shumer who said she would leave now labeling people as racists for wanting her to make good on her promise How does that make them racist?

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