TANTRUMS OVER TRUMP: Intense demonstrations break out across US over election, dozens arrested

They can protest all they want and honestly these protesters would apparently be more happy with a president that leaves Americans to die as Hillary and Obama did in Benghazi. So protest, go to jail or become part of the hope America has now we have begun to take this country back from those who have long forgotten who it is they are supposed to serve.Obama did everything he could to try to destroy Trumps chances of winning this election because Obama wanted to control who our next president would be and assure liberals a chance to foster more corruption and division among the American people.I will share a story with you all right now, many of you know that I used to be involved with drugs and because of that I had to do a little time in jail this was over 25 years ago and being clean and sober and crime free for so many years I took a chance and wrote to Obama asking him for a presidential pardon, I actually received a reply that was five paragraphs long He told me he was listening to me and he went on about how the prison system should not be completely about punishment He said he was listening but if you ask me he was listening to himself ramble on and 4 days after his letter he went ahead and commuted the sentences of six felons and did nothing for me what so ever. I just figured  that I would seek something even though I did not actually need it but wanted to see how he would respond I mean I can vote the I lost no rights I just wanted a little smudge on my record cleared up.Five paragraphs of empty words and utter bull-crap The man is full of himself.



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    • Thanks for the reblog Liberals in HOLLYWOOD now urging people to fight a Trump Presidency I just posted story

      • You’re welcome. Democrats are in charge of every place rioting is happening, so relax. It wrecks the Democrat’s legacy and chances in upcoming elections.
        After January 20th, it could be declared federal insurrection, and then it’s a whole different thing. Then, the rioters, can be shot by national guard and law enforcement.
        Right now, let the thumb suckers vent. They are immature.

  1. When will President Obama stand up and say “This isn’t who we are?” Isn’t that what a leader would do?

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