Hollywood Liberals urging fans to fight a Trump presidencyLiberals

Look plain and simple Liberals got their asses handed to them And do you folks want to know why? Because of the bullshit you are pulling right now Jami lee Curtis wants to undo what a majority in this nation decided they wanted.This is what I hate about liberals, it is all fine and dandy when they are pushing their agenda on us but when they lose all hell breaks loose, I get it if they don’t get their way screw America and the people that chose this much needed change. I say screw them and their unwillingness to Give Trump a chance. Right out of the gate these liberals are seeking to divide this nation. I have had enough and as far as I am concerned these pukes can kiss my ass! But honestly we are getting a glimpse at what unstable and quite mental these Hollywood types really are.They are actually crying because Trump won. I never shed a tear over Obama becoming president , why? because it was only a matter of time before we took back our nation. Did I like Obama, hell no But on day one I gave him a chance and I prayed he would do right by our nation. Hillary was never going to win, you cannot win when you have blood on your hands.So liberals can keep crying but you should be looking to unify not divide.The liberals banked heavily that people would accept or overlook blatant corruption, They misjudged We the People and now the liberal boot has been removed from our necks!



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  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Right now it’s on Obama’s watch, so let the chips fall where they might. January 20th, is a whole new ball game, and if the liberals want to get tough, they can, be shot.

  2. I completely agree, Liberals have created an environment where people expect something for nothing

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