When justice is sacrificed in an effort to tip the scales and push to manipulate the outcome of an election all of America suffers.

President Obama has done a huge disservice to this nation He has failed to uphold his oath to protect the constitution.The man was given the trust of the people and he chose to play politics and rob you and I of true leadership. Our elections should be about who wins no matter their circumstances,but our president made a choice and that choice was to do all he could to keep Hillary in the race even though she had violated  multiple laws and was knowingly in possession of top secret information that she was not cleared to view. This lawless president will be remembered mostly for the fact that he willingly threw justice in America down the drain in favor of a pathological liar. He deserves the scorn of the entire nation and anybody who would accept such manipulation of our justice system should think long and hard on why America has been seen for so many years  as the beacon of hope to the world.Look I want my candidate to win this election because he beat Hillary and I would not accept a win for him if it meant destroying even a single part of what makes America great. The democratic party has shown in this election that they cannot be trusted to carry America forward as they are deeply corrupt  and completely accepting of the lawlessness shown by Obama and Hillary This election has been about true change And sadly Obama and Hillary are quite happy keeping America where it is while her people suffer We have been double dealt by the left and we are witnessing an all out attack on our constitution and our entire belief system.

Signing off but I will never give up and it is time we Americans demand an end to the corruption gripping this nation.



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  1. As much as I want this all to be over……I am really dreading next week!!!

  2. What a cluster our country is in! We have Tweedledee and Tweedledum running against each other. Our choice is horrible, but it is CLEAR. We cannot afford 4 to 8 more years of Obama all over again. I will differ with you on one thing and that is that Hillary DOES want change…change to a One World system! That simply will not do! UGH!

  3. Yes Lorra, without a doubt it boggles the mind

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