Marijuana,it rots the brain

I have a neighbor he is a nice enough kid but he smokes too much pot and as a consequence he has a very strange political view I filled out my presidential ballot yesterday and I asked him if he was going to vote, he replied yes but not for Trump I did not ask why but he decided to tell me that he will not vote for Trump because Trump is overboard on freedom he believes we need government to tell us what is right and wrong. I asked him how old he was and he said 28 so I asked him  why should a grown man need to rely on government to tell him what is right and wrong?He replied thats what the government is supposed to do. I said the constitution is a great read he should try it some time but it is my belief that the government needs to be mixed up in my as little as humanly possible So I asked him if he had a pot card because every day I see him smoking pot and he says no he does not want to pay for the card. So I point out he is not allowing the government to tell him what is right and wrong. and he looks dumbfounded so I guide the conversation back to rights and I ask him how he feels about Hillary wanting to take our gun rights? he said she only wants to make it harder for terrorists. I said any infringement on our gun rights is a step backwards I said look at your rights as a pie and you offer Hillary a slice and she likes it so much she comes back for more time and again until you have no pie left at this point you have let Hillary take what is yours but she only was allowed to take it because you supported her He said plain as day too much freedom messes things up.Like I said it rots the brain!



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    When I was going for my Narcotics Investigation Certification, in the late 1980s, the training films showed that the US Government, knew, back in the 1920s, that Marijuana causes psychosis in some people,but shut up, because doctors, psychiatrists, and hospitals, were making money from it. During my career, I arrested 574 people, ans quite a few, had issues, where they could not think critically nor logically. All, were marijuana users. They were classified as mental cases and mental defectives.

    • 574 is a good stat would like to see it more often here in Ca recreational use is on the ballot for marijuana I hope to god it does not pass. As you probably know from reading my blog Marijuana is a constant sore spot because my youngest daughter and her husband use and they do something called dabbing that turns marijuana into hash oil and the process can be dangerous I knew her husband would not lead her down a good path They seem to think smoking pot does not affect them but a realist like me sees they have no place to call home as they live with my oldest daughter. I raised her to respect the law and she is constantly doing bad things My wife and I have cut off all aupport as they need to understand their situation is a product of their own creation.

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