Hillary Supports it and has over the long run.

Hillary is finding that Obamacare has turned into a weapon for Trump As we see double digit increases in cost Hey she supported it and has vowed to carry it forward as part of Obama’s third term. Funny but she should have been spending her time working less on Obama’s third term and worried more about how she was going to explain extreme rate hikes. Hillary is lazy and she thought that instead of doing the work she would take her chances on riding the coat tails of Obama but hey Hillary day by day Obama’s coat tails are looking a bit worn and people are not going to be happy paying more foo already crappy and intrusive healthcare. I throw in the intrusive term because when you sign up for Obamacare they has a list of questions that want to know things that is non of your doctors business.In my life until now I had never had my doctor ask me if I owned a gun And honestly I refused  to answer In the small print was a disclaimer that also stated that all information gathered would be given to the NSA if requested which is also another point where I refused to give a signature. As  said Obamacare is intrusive and it also shows us ho little respect The current administration has for our privacy I have already received two letters saying my medical records had been accessed without my authorization .


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