The election has been rigged

Make no mistake about it in a just system Hillary Clinton would be seeking a pardon not the presidency. The woman is guilty of multiple felony charges yet the man who swore to uphold the constitution has decided to rig the whole damn system , so yes this election is rigged in the sense that in a just world Hillary would be down and out and Americans would not have to worry about a true criminal actually getting a chance control this nation. It seems like democrats don’t care that our nation is being manipulated by a lawless president. I know , Obama is almost out of office but that fact is not going to fix the damage he is doing now and frankly Democrats are showing their true colors because what Obama has done is politicize the DOJ  and it is disgusting to to see it happen and have so few Americans try to do something about it. It is not acceptable and it should not be happening, not in America! This nation was founded by true patriots and I am damn sure they would  not be happy with the bull crap Obama has chosen to do this close to the end of his reign that truly undermines justice in America. He has places his finger on the scales of justice in an effort to push Hillary into the white house and that act alone will forever tarnish his legacy But I believe he has chosen to tilt the scales for Hillary to keep democrats in control of the white house. which no matter how you cut it he has rigged the system so what Trump is saying is in a sense correct because we have a president who does not believe in the values and principals that make America great and unique!

God bless you all and thanks for taking the time to read whats on my mind…


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