As we are now becoming accustomed to a new Hillary Clinton scandal every day

Were it not for Obama’s lawlessness Hillary would be seeking a pardon not the presidency Obama has sold out every single American citizen without a second thought,We see daily more and more reports of Clinton’s corruption and it just keeps coming like there is no end in sight. I cannot remember someone so corrupt and so comfortable being corrupt as Hillary Clinton. It is disgusting and to be hones I am a little bit disappointed that more Americans are not shunning Hillary because she simply put is a very bad person who has no place even thinking that she can lead this nation. If she wins we will pretty much Congress treat her the same way they treated Obama because Hillary does not belong  anywhere near our rights and for damn sure she plans to make good on her campaign promises which means an all out war to retain our second amendment The supreme court is in play and you can damn well bet Hillary will name some far left loon to fill a vacancy can honestly say I have never felt so strongly that a person was a complete and total danger to our way of life as Americans God bless you all and let us hope things are not as bad as I fear they may be. Signing off but never tapping out God Bless America!



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