As Hillary ,s email scandal unfolded President Obama stated that nobody should be seen as above the law

When he made that statement I thought for a moment that perhaps the man(Obama) might actually have a clue or have some sense of morality to do what is right But no sooner did that thought cross my mind I knew within my mind that President Obama was too weak to do the right thing,he never should have been elected the man  if you choose call him that is nothing because he chose to damage this nation with empty rhetoric and as well he has done everything he can to screw over anybody  who does not buy into the liberal Bull crap He has left us a legacy of federal courts manned by liberal judges He will leave a legacy like no other president but above all his actions show the true disdain he has for America. He swore an oath to uphold and protect the constitution and yet he willingly allowed the Department of Justice to be politicized and what that means is that there is no longer a belief that We the People can ever obtain justice To be honest it hurts to see what what Obama has done to this great nation and I hope people see him for the double dealer that he truly is. Now knowing Hillary should be facing charges he has done everything he can to allow her to move on to the white house the only thing stopping her at this point is the vote. She has not earned the right to be President and in my eyes she will never be president no matter what comes on election day But I will tell you all what Obama has done is bankrupt a nation and make it that much harder to get this nation back on its feet. The Day he was elected I prayed he would do right for America but it was not long before we saw he was not a fan of America. Election day cannot get here quick enough for me because my desire is to see him vacate the people’s house,he no longer belongs there! The presidency should not be something about turns,it is not Hillary’s turn unless thats what the vote indicates We the people need to assure our needs according to the constitution are met Frankly Hillary has plans to take our guns, she says she favors background checks but make no mistake about it she wants our guns. She also states she is going to put coal miners out of work. What kind of person is this that wants so much from Americans? She is what I would call the liberal zealots candidate,you know the type the ones that tax and spend knowing they can keep you on the hook as long as you keep electing them.This election is all about saving America! Good Luck! Remember Hillary also has religion in her headlights her aides floated an idea about a war within the catholic church…



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  1. Thanks for the reblog I passed up the final debate last night I figured today would be full of information, I notice today Some democrat big wig is saying all the wikileaks info was faked, which to me indicates it was pretty damaging hopefully to the party.

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