Clinton People WikiLeaks: Podesta lamented that a Muslim, not a white man, named as killer in 2015 massacre

So this is an interesting disclosure As we have seen Clinton pander for votes we now see her Campaign wants to see whites as the villains  and with this information I want to know how are We The People supposed to believe than Clinton and her surrogates are willing to give us a fair shake? I am speaking not just about whites but about anybody expecting a fair shake under the possibility  that Clinton takes this race? I have to question the type of people working for Clinton because this Podesta  hack is just that a hack and one that wants to see whites take heat that they do not deserve.At this point I do not believe we would be able to trust any form of Clinton administration, it was just a few days ago other Clinton Surrogates were seeking to start a war within the catholic church to do away with core fundamental teachings of the church How do we now hold any chance of obtaining a non corrupt Administration except by electing Trump. Clinton has not been elected yet “Clinton People are acting like they have won and I for one will  never accept Hillary Clinton as President.This cannot be explained away,



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  1. thanks for the reblog my friend It sure seems Like Hillary has packed her campaign with some zealots and truly I hope enough people see for themselves this information, if she wins we are in for a rough go.

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