‘ABUSE OF POWER’: Biden says Trump’s words are ‘sexual assault’; Bill Clinton’s past ‘shouldn’t matter’

I used to think Joe Biden was just a harmless dolt but he is not harmless he is dangerous because he is the type of guy who will do what he is told to do no matter who it hurts. He most likely knows The issues Trump faces are likely fabricated but that does not stop him in his willingness to trash a man over hearsay crap But in reality the trashing of Trump is sanctioned by Obama because Obama wants Hillary in the white house, we all know it and for many of us it is quite disgusting to know what Obama has said about Hillary when he ran against her and now that she is sickly willing to expose Americans to certain danger as a nation we hold sovereign ground but Hillary would put that all at risk with her desire for open borders and what we have here is is an attempt to distract the American people so that they  are already screwed before they become aware that Open borders is designed for anybody at any time to be able to walk into this country and pretty do whatever they want. So While Joe hammers Trump Plans are in the works to open our borders if Hillary can grasp the white house. I know this stuff scares people and frankly it should I cannot remember a time that a sitting president took american security and National sovereignty So lightly Hillary claims not to support open borders but Wikileaks keeps showing the public Hillary Clinton is very much in support of open borders. What should concern Americans that are for Hillary is if they know the nature of the true threat Hillary could pose to the nation with her dream of open borders!


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