Until the wheels fall off!

I am standing with Trump until the wheels fall off,I am disgusted that Americans have chosen to even give Hillary a single vote As Arlin stated Hillary is a bad person and that is so true but it is even truer that she is outright evil and has no place even running for president She represents everything that a president should never be and honestly Trump is not the greatest candidate but America could do a lot worse than Trump in fact Hillary is likely the worst candidate for president I have ever seen because she attacks Americans that have chosen not to vote for her. It only takes a small amount of reading leaked info on her to know If she is elected , America is in for a ride through HELL!She makes it a habit to crap on Americans, Crap on our laws and she takes corruption to new levels.Look I do not know the truth these so called Trump Scandals but I smell a rat and I saw what Wikileaks revealed and we know now the Fat lady is bad news and worse yet Hillary honestly believes that for all of her lies, Scandals and attacks on Americans she is owed the white house I am beginning to wonder what Happened to our constitution Because Obama has destroyed  any hope of Americans ever getting a fair shake again.



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    Though WikiLeaks has been helpful, the importance has been reduced through the dismal performance and zero delivery of material substantial to indict Hillary. As it is only a matter of weeks until the presidential election, I highly doubt if anything earthshaking beyond an ignored and/or minor ripple in the pond will be had from anything released. The System, remains rigged and, corrupt. In fact, it gives traditional organized crime, a Good name.

    • Trump himself unknowingly reduced the Wiki damage that could have been used I believe by parading out the women of Bills past. I get it and it was a good tactic but he did it at a time there was fresh meat to be had and he chose to exploit an already dead horse.Now the race is about two flawed candidates and I think it is possible the final debate will call the race.

  2. While I don’t consider myself nearly as loyal as you are to Trump, there really isn’t an alternative out there. So, in theory, I’m with you in that yes, I’ll most assuredly be voting for Trump. I’m not a Trump fan, and it’s not so much I’m voting FOR Trump as AGAINST Clinton (that would be the end of America as we know it!). But I’m with you Basharr!

    • Welcome aboard Trump is the lesser of two evils and a nation hangs in the balance Already today I have read about a carbombing and on the heels of that a story of Hillary and open borders, she needs to be shut down!

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