Clinton operatives discussing how best to start a revolution inside the Catholic Church to overthrow fundamental teachings

When our religion comes under attack the candidate and party behind the attack should be driven from the race It is not the presidents job to start a religious war against our faith. People need to make it known Faith is not something we want some lying politician thinking is theirs to toy with.



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  1. Thanks for the reblog,waging a war on faith is not what is an acceptable practice for a president Nor would I wager the American people would appreciate Hillary stomping on freedom of religion As the leaks keep coming we see now just how dangerous s Clinton presidency might truly be! She and her staff are quite twisted and I pray to god Hillary is brought to her knees because right noe she needs to be checked and hard!

  2. Somehow I’m wondering how liberal Catholics (like the Kennedys?) are able to justify this sentiment by the Clinton Campaign. Seems rather incongruent, don’t you think?

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