Clinton Mouthpiece mocks Faith and Bill Clinton himself attacks Trump supporters by calling them Standard Rednecks.I don’t know but I chalk up the attacks and name calling as a byproduct of liberalism

I can say that there are some people that do not support Trump that will be offended by Bills attack on Trump supporters and also others that will not like the fact a Clinton mouthpiece is mocking faith. Perhaps it is Hillary and her husband who are going through a final meltdown? Because if this is how Bill and Hillary believe votes are earned they are greatly mistaken.Perhaps Hillary and bill have finally chosen to step out of the closet and show themselves for the true deplorable s that they truly are? I just want to ask a question here and it is quite simple, How can we elect anybody as president who is not for all Americans We elect people in hopes they will be somebody willing to serve all Americans but here we have an ex president and a mouthpiece of his wife putting down Americans calling them names and mocking faith which by the way people are very touchy when people’s faith is mocked.We are getting a true glimpse of what Hillary finds as acceptable But one thing I want to know and that is why exactly should anybody vote for Hillary now knowing she allows her husband to attack Americans Well honestly hasn’t she allowed her husband to do a lot of attacking over the years? I am sure there is a line of women willing to come forward and talk about those attacks some by Her personally others by Bill But again I ask why vote for her? She is showing us she is not a candidate that seeks to serve all Americans! Look at the ease of which the Clintons attack people it id pretty Damn disgusting that we Americans become fodder for the Clintons to attack at will.

Signing off but never tapping out! God Bless America!


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