SECRET SOURCE? Republicans claim leaked emails show Dept. of Justice, Clinton campaign collusion

Look just last night in a bunch of Wikileaks docs we saw  where Hillary aides were talking about Probing Trump to try and tie him to Russia in order to harm his campaign. So why should we even be surprised  that The DOJ would be taking part in what is obviously collusion in any court had you or I  done what Hillary has done we would without a doubt  been sent to prison and yet here sits Hillary free as a bird while her misdeeds continue to pile up and look worse and worse, she is by far the most corrupt person to ever run for president and as I stated  there was talk in leaked documents to probe trump and hope to cripple his campaign by tying him to Russian dealings. It is time to send Hillary packing because America deserves a legitimate election not one dreamed up by a failed president and the person (Hillary) he wants carry his agenda forward. This is not what our founding fathers envisioned when crafting the greatest nation on earth!loretta  lynch must go and we need Think about it we all know given the nod Hillary will do anything to win even if it is illegal to walk away with this election. But my feeling is Hillary is in this collusion up to her neck and she actually believes people are not going to find out that she willingly took part in ripping off an American election. I said it the other day if Hillary is elected it will mean 4 years of scandal because there ia no way with so much baggage and so many lies anybody would actually elect her for even a crossing guard.



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  1. Reblogged this on Arlin Report and commented:
    We are finding, not surprisingly, that the media is in collusion with Hillary and the campaign. They are to report the news, not help create it…..assisting Hillary’s campaign, which spins the truth. That is CORRUPTION!

    • Thanks for the reblog, today we find a clinton mouthpiece mocking faith and Bill Clinton himself calling Trump supporters “Standard Rednecks

      • Bill is apparently too stupid to remember where he is from, Arkansas, the heart of redneck land. I heard about the mocking of the faith, criticizing why anyone would baptize into the Catholic faith and especially in the river Jesus was baptized. The Wikileaks releases are getting better and better! Of course according to the Democrats, Trump, Russia and Assange or working in collusion to defeat Hillary. LOL! I only wish they were!

    • Thanks for the reblog it is always appreciated!

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