According to Charles Krouthammer Trump saved his campaign last night

I watched a majority of the debate and honestly I think Trump was ready for her and Hillary witnessed her self being on the receiving end of well placed punches and jabs and honestly she gave a few shots but it almost appeared as if she was tired or just done. She acts amazed that anyone has the nerve to call her out for the liar and cheat that she is and Trump did a pretty good job and in fact there were a couple of times Trump drew applause as he landed some good shots on Hillary who again seemed smug . She comes off as if she believes she is above this and better than her opponent However I believe honestly that she is getting her ass handed to her and it is enjoyable to watch because for such a long career  one would think she would be on top of her game, she however is not and it is obvious because she wants to act like she is above the likes of Trump  but the reality for her is Trump is not far from ending her run for the white house. She has had troubles in debates before and one of my favorite lines was Trump  saying “Okay three on one I get it.” he did get it and he did fine by most accounts, I am thinking that it is quite possible that Hillary is running out of excuses. Hillary also blew it when she said he never aoplogizes for anything which he had done prior to the debate over the BS about Trumps lockerroom talk. even after getting Americans killed in Benghazi Hillary instead of apologizing said when testifying “at this point what difference does it make?”Trump has not outright won the race now but he is closing the gap and showing the world   lot of the reasons Hillary was not elected over Obama!



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  1. Thanks for the reblog Not sure how this is going to play out But Trump did pretty good last night especially considering all 3 moderators are not fans of his.At one point Trump even said it was a 3 on one debate and he seemed to do pretty well. Krouthammer is not a Trump fan but gave him solid praise and thats a sign things went well.Thanks again for the reblog I appreciate your help in spreading the word.

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