Trump vows to never quit will not let his supporters down

There is talk the majority is in doubt so it boils down to fear look maybe the majority is in doubt, maybe not but the whole enchilada is on the table and the risk is only that perhaps not enough sensible people buy into the real story instead of the fear being sent out from certain members of the GOP fear is being sold as a possible reality But we have seen Trump overcome the odds and now some people that did not endorse him from the start are now floating this risk to the majority  and it makes me sick to think the party of common sense and values is cowering in fear. Look I know the majority is a big deal but so my friends is the man running for president this is  our time to put an end to the political correct Bs being floated by card holding republicans I say we go down fighting and hick the living crap out of Hillary and her campaign of lies There is no reason we cannot end Hillary’s career of lies ! Hey GOP grow a set and throw all your weight behind Trump If we cannot stop Hillary with all the info we have on her then we are SOL and the majority will come if you remain strong and show unity.Divided you stand if you cannot unify!



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  1. Thanks for the reblog I think this is a lot of crap,hell Hillary has talked worse about women.

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