Clinton rips Wikileaks Emails as Bogus, A tale of two candidates One who knows nothing but lies The other who is being held accountable for something he said years ago.Hillary wants you to elect the MSM

I decided to write this post because I know the MSM will not give Americans a fair shake because they refuse to offer us a legitimate service what they offer us is prejudice slanted stories designed to push the narrative they want not what is true or fair but rather something they can spin or even better for them something in this case anti Trump and something pro Hillary. Hillary knows this and she willingly accepts this practice because she is as corrupt as the MSM. So Trump apologizes Hillary does not and though Hillary has been so hurtful and relentless on women, She accepts the MSM as a lap dog while you and I get screwed But isn’t it strange Hillary wants to lead this country but is quite willing to work hand in hand with the corrupt MSM Trump has worked hard to try and win this election while Hillary dines on the t able scraps handed to her under the table by the Main Stream Media We according to Hillary should trust her when she says wikileaks emails are bogus. I Trust Trump over Hillary he apologized she did not and likely wont and she has far more baggage than Trump does.Even if she wins it will be 4 years of constant scandal because thats all Clintons know besides lies!



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  1. Hey good morning and thanks for the reblog According to KrouthammerTrump saved his campaign last night and that is something considering he is no fan of Trump.

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